Health Insurance: 

Everyone is aware that health is wealth, but what do we do to ensure good health? Physical fitness, healthy diet, and a positive mind can improve your overall well-being, but they cannot protect you from unexpected illnesses or an accident. What should you do to ensure that you and your family remain protected against health-related worries? Avail a Health Insurance policy and safeguard your entire family's health.Health Insurance can secure you and your family members against medical emergency expenses through cashless treatments or reimbursement of incurred expenses.Health Insurance premiums paid by the insured individual are exempt from taxes under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. So, with the assurance of reimbursement of medical expenses, you can also claim tax benefits.

Life Insurance:

Life Insurance policy is a contract that promises payment of Sum Assured (SA) to the beneficiary/nominee of the Life Insured (LI) on his/ her demise or other miss happenings covered in the contract.In case of sudden demise of the LI, the amount received as SA can help the family meet their financial needs like daily living expenses, medical expenses, school fees of your children and so forth.

Life Insurance helps in eliminating risk and provides a timely aid to the family of the LI person in the unfortunate event of his/ her death. If the LI is the sole breadwinner in the family, Life Insurance is utmost necessary. Life Insurance is an effective solution to take care of financial issues caused by untimely death, leaving your dependent family to look out for themselves.Life Insurance is not an option but a necessity, and everybody truly needs it.

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